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You are welcome to join the team of the Group, and your arrival will add a new vitality to the company.
If you become an employee of the Group, you will work with other colleagues to create and deliver the highest quality products and the best service to your customers. Each employee of the Group will have its own unique opportunity to establish the image of the Group and to spread our friendliness in serving customers and serving the community. These will make your work one of the most important tasks of the Group, and the Group will do its utmost to provide you with the stage and opportunity to display your talents.
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Email: hr@tdchem.com

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On-duty running electrician

Discussed personally
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Shandong-Weifang City
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Job nature:
Full time
Years of working:
No limit
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No limit
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2018/12/24 16:20
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University degree or above, factory power supply and related majors, experience is preferred
Job description
Engaged in factory-operated electrician and other related work Jobs: 0536-2103211 (Headquarters), 2103265 (Bai Li Chemical), 2205101 (Binhai Petrochemical) E-mail: hr@tdchem.com